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It's been a while since people first experienced living in lockdown. In this worst situation of COVID-19 hairdressing business is at the top to bear restrictions. So, we are supposed to do this when overgrown bangs, split ends, and layers start to cause havoc. If you are continually living at home, then it's better to cut your hair at home.

Learning how to cut men's hair at home can seem like a viable solution. So, it would help if you have a piece of advice to cut your hair at home. If you take matters into your hand, you desperately need a professional guide first.

Questions to ask yourself before cutting your hair at home:

If you think of doing a haircut at home, then there are vital questions that you need to ask yourself. So, some of the points are:

First: Is a haircut necessary?

If you can avoid haircutting on your own, then you can go for some treatments to prevent damage ends. You can also use some masks, hair serums, and heat styling to keep the hair in good condition. However, if the cut isn't that necessary, then it's not a bad idea to go with the grown out look.

Second: Do you have the right tools in your hand?

If you have decided to cut hair at home, it is the most significant thing you need. You might think it's OK to use kitchen scissors for a haircut. But it's not like this, and you can do disaster with kitchen scissors. According to Marjan, a famous hairstylist:

"Don't use kitchen scissors for haircuts because they aren't sharp enough, resulting in crooked lines that are hard to fix." - Justine Marjan

Apart from the kitchen scissors, low-quality scissors can leave your ends sloppy and frayed. It's good to have cutting accessories in your home. But if you can't afford to invest here, you can use the sharpest scissors from your house. Apart from this, here are the following essentials that you need most:

  • Shampoo
  • Scissors
  • Comb
  • Brushes
  • Hairdryer
  • Sectioning clips
  • Trimmer
  • Towels
  • And gowns

You can include or exclude things from the list as per your requirement. If you are cutting hair at home, then styling accessories are most important.

How to cut men's hair at home?

After making up your mind to cut hair at home, you need to follow some pre-decided steps. Men who like to keep the hair short can't bear sloppy ends. But styling hair at home isn't everybody's cup of tea. So, here are proper steps to cut men's hair at home and make it count.

Do your research:

before going into this, you should spend some time on YouTube or Google reading about the technicalities. For instance, read about what kind of scissors or trimmers do you need. Apart from this, find the desired cut and see the steps that they are following. In addition to this, self-cut YouTube videos can help you a lot. After watching the videos, look for the standard dimensions that you found in the videos.

Wet your hair:

"Wet hair allows us to be more precise when creating clean lines." - Justine Marjan

After completing your research, now it's time to start cutting. However, for an efficient haircut, the first task is to wet your hair before anything else. You can wash the hair with any random shampoo. Apart from this, you can sprinkle the water using a spray bottle. Wet hair eases the hair cutting process, and you can chop down ends finely.

Detangle your hair:

After wetting down your hair, now detangle your hair. You can use a comb for detangling, and it brings all knots to the same level. In addition to this, detangling helps to make sure hair is evenly cut and sync with one another.

Section your hair using a comb:

Hair clips are the most significant that you can use to section your hair. So, use the hairclips according to the cutting style that you want to re-create. Start by sectioning with the clips and mark the difference between the most extended sections (the top of the head). Now keep the difference between the shorter areas that are the sides of the head. If you have long hair, then you can use clips to separate your top section from the sides.

Use scissors to cut the top:

Instead of using clippers, now use the scissors to cut the top sections of hair. In this way, you not only add texture to your hair. But also style the hair with more sophistication and precision. Above all, as we mentioned earlier, it is better to use professional scissors instead of kitchen scissors.

Note: If you want short hair, you can use an electrical trimmer (Hair clipper) to cut.

Take care of all strays using trimmers:

If you are cutting your hair for the first time, then a trimmer could be your helper. It means that you can look after most of the areas using the trimmer. After cutting your hair, you can use a trimmer to set all additional strays. But you can use scissors to chop down the other strands. But for beginners, it's better to go with the trimmer.

Note: While doing all this, don't perform in haste, as it can destroy everything. Most of the disasters happen in the end when you think you're done.

Now take a shower:

It is the last step of the whole process. You can either brush yourself off or take a shower. As a result, you can get rid of all excess hair and gives you a fresh look.

Tips to follow to get better men's hair cut at home:

Apart from all the above steps, here are some tips that you can follow to get a better and pleasant experience.

  • Start with the small and minor cuts. The more you run, there is significant the risk of mishap.
  • Pay serious attention to the way you hold your sections and scissors. These two things will decide how your home haircut will turnout.
  • If you want to create bangs, then be careful and follow any available tutorial to create the perfect look.
  • Cut the hair in the opposite direction of your growth.
  • Focus on the sides of your head
  • It will help if you don't cut too much into your natural hairline. However, make sure that your edges are straight and cut only the parts of the hair sticking out.
James Adams
James Adams

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