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What Are Hair Shears & Scissors?

Hair shears and scissors are tools used to cut hair. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials.

Browse all the different types of hairdressing scissors for cutting, thinning & texturizing at Japan Scissors USA!

It isn't always easy making the right choice when shopping for a new pair of hair shears, so we have compiled a list of all the hairdressing scissors used and sold in the USA for hairstylists, barbers, apprentices/students, and home-use hairdressing.

There are too many different types of hair shears, but the most commonly used by American hairstylists in salons and barbers are:

  • Hair Cutting Shears (a.k.a. "haircutting scissors"). These scissors have cutting blades that slice through hair effortlessly. They are the most used type of hair scissor in America!
  • Thinning Shears (a.k.a. "texturizing" scissors). These scissors have thin blades and are used for thinning and texturizing hair.
  • Swivel Handle Shears (most ergonomic scissor handles). These scissors have a swivel handle and are used for cutting hair at an angle.
  • Offset Handle Shears (most popular handle for their comfort). These scissors have an offset handle and are used for cutting hair at an angle.
  • Classic Straight Handle Shears (a traditional type of handle). These scissors have a classic straight handle and are used for cutting hair at an angle.
  • Home-Use Hair Scissors (entry-level haircutting shears). These scissors are used for cutting hair at home. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are made from a variety of materials.
  • Colored Hair Shears (Rose Gold, Matte Black, Rainbow, Pink, Silver, and more colors). These scissors use an allergy-neutral color coating to create an attractive and stylish hair-cutting shear.
  • Left Handed Hairdressing Shears (for left-handed barbers and hairdressers). These scissors are used by left-handed stylists, who often have trouble finding the right type of scissors that are comfortable to use.
  • Straight Shears (a.k.a. "blunt" scissors). These scissors have a blunt end and are used for cutting hair at the scalp.
  • Pointed Shears (a.k.a. "sharp" scissors). These scissors have pointed ends and are used for cutting hair that is longer than the length of your thumb.
  • Curved Shears (a.k.a. "scissors"). These scissors are curved and have a blunt end. They are used for cutting hair around the face and neck.

The Brands That Make Your Hair Shears

It is always easier to buy from a trusted hairdressing scissor brand than to take a risk on a random pair of shears.

At Japan Scissors USA, we stock the best brands that are used throughout America, Europe, Asia, and more!

Each brand is picked for its consistent high-quality production of hairdressing shears at affordable prices.

The Most Popular Hair Scissor Brands:

  • Jaguar Solingen Hairdressing Shears - A popular brand of scissors from Japan, these scissors have a high-quality blade and are used for cutting hair.
  • Juntetsu Shears - Professional Hair Cutting Shears at Affordable Prices
  • Joewell Shears - Lightweight Japanese Designed Hair Shears
  • Ichiro Scissors - Best-Value Hairdressing Scissor Sets With Stylish Designs That Don't Compromise on Quality!
  • Mina Scissors - The Most Affordable Hair Cutting & Thinning Shears Available For Professional Hairstylists, Students/Apprentices,
  • Kamisori Shears - Famous Hairdressing Scissor Brand That Uses Japanese Steel To Create Unique Hair Cutting Shears
  • Yasaka Seiki Shears - The Famous Japanese Hairdressing Scissor Company From Nara, Japan!

Why does the right scissor brand matter?

The scissors you choose to use for your hair makes a big difference in the outcome of your haircut.

That is why it is important to choose a reliable brand when selecting your hair-cutting scissors.

The right hairdressing scissor brand will ensure that you have the best possible chance of achieving your hair goals with ease.

The top hairdressing scissor brands have been tried and tested by professional hairstylists all over the world.

They have been used in many barbershops and salons for years to provide high-quality haircuts and have been tested again and again to ensure that they are the best hairdressing scissor brand for your needs.