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Your hairdressing scissors and barbering shears are expensive investments in your trade as a hair professional.

What most hairdressers and barbers overlook are the best ways to protect your scissors from physical, water, and chemical damage.

The most common way to break or damage your professional hair scissors is by either dropping them or not properly securing them in your bag or in storage.

The better quality your hair scissors, the more fragile the steel can be to cracking and bending due to dropping them.

A good quality scissor case or pouch is like an insurance for your expensive hairdressing shears. Reduce the risk of losing your hair scissors to physical damage by buying and securing your shears in a case or pouch.

The most common types of cases and pouches for your scissors are:
  • Scissor Wallets: These are fabric or leather wallets the roll out and allow you to store anywhere between four and twelve hair scissors at any given time.
  • Scissor Cases: Great with a zipper that further protects your hair shears from physical, water, and any chemical damage that may occur in a salon or barbershop.
  • Scissor Pouch: Stylish Leather Pouches are the most popular way to protect your scissors. They are a flexible way to protect your hair scissors from any physical damage.
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