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The Importance of Quality Hair Cutting Scissors

Whether you are a professional hair stylist or barber or if you are ordering hair cutting scissors so you can cut your family’s hair at home, it is important to have a high-quality pair of scissors. When you work with high quality shears, you will produce high quality cuts! If you choose scissors that are not super sharp or if you fail to properly maintain them, chances are the results will be a dull finish in which the ends of the hair will look split and ragged.

Quality Shears are Worth the Investment

If you think it’s OK to reach for the kitchen scissors when cutting your son or daughter’s hair or even your own hair, think again! Non hair cutting scissors will never be sharp enough to finely cut hair. When you do this, you run the risk of the hair getting caught which makes for an uneven cut as well as super dull, split ends. These aren’t simple fixes and can royally damage the hair! If you are planning to cut your own hair or anyone else’s, investing in quality hair cutting shears is worth the investment every single time!

Working in a Professional Salon

If you are working in professional hair salon or barber shop, chances are your salon owner will be strict on what type of scissors and tools you use. As he or she should be! When you order from Japan Scissors, you can rest assured you will get the highest quality scissors out there! We pride ourselves on producing top quality scissors for both the professional hair stylist and the mama who loves to cut her own kids’ hair.

Proper Care for Your Hair Cutting Shears

When you invest in high quality hair cutting shears, it is important that you thoroughly clean, maintain and care for them so they can continue to perform at their best. Proper care includes handling your scissors with great care and not just throwing them on the counter during or after a cut. When you toss scissors onto the counter, you risk getting the blades out of alignment and/ or damaging the edges of the blades. When the blades are damaged and dull they do not cut evenly or sharply and you run the risk of giving bad hair cuts that end up in damaging the hair.

In addition to handling your scissors with care, it is incredibly important to clean them properly. You want to wipe them often to keep them dry during and after cuts and keep excess hair from sitting on them for long periods of time. Proper cleaning involves washing them with water and soap and drying them thoroughly. You should also oil your hair cutting shears at the end of each day to keep them from rusting and becoming dull.

Along with keeping them clean, where, and how you store them is just as important! You want to keep them stored in a soft protective case where they are protected from moisture. You also want to store them in their own separate case to avoid them rubbing up against other tools in your kit!