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Best Hair Scissor Sharpening Services USA | Professional Shear Sharpen

by Jun Oh January 20, 2022 4 min read

Best Hair Scissor Sharpening Services USA | Professional Shear Sharpen - Japan Scissors USA

Each pair of hair scissors needs sharpening now and then, so we've made this the ultimate guide to the top scissors sharpening services for American hairdressers and barbers!

If you are a hairdresser, you know the importance of having sharp scissors. A dull pair of scissors can make cutting hair tedious and frustrating. 

Fortunately, reputable scissor sharpening services are available in the USA that can help you restore your scissors to their former glory. 

In this guide, we will provide information on the different scissor sharpening services available in the USA and tips on how to select the exemplary service for your needs. So, if you are looking for a reliable and affordable way to sharpen your hair salon scissors, keep reading!

Why you need a professional to sharpen your hair scissors!

The most frequently overlooked aspect when using professional scissors for hairdressing is the way to sharpen, maintain and safeguard your investment.

Everyone has a horror story about having a costly pair of hair shears destroyed due to inadequate sharpening or care.

To help you save time looking up reviews and research, we've put together the most comprehensive list of reliable hair sharpening and scissor services across the United States!

The most well-known scissor and shear sharpening experts are separated into states and cities across America.

Many people will tell you that sharpening services (bladesmiths) aren't as skilled and can damage your scissors, but that's not always true. 

Scissor sharpening professionals tend to be just as skilled and can access the same equipment to sharpen German, Japanese and all other types of hair shears. 

The three main types of scissor sharpening services in America:

  • In person: a bladesmith will have a store where hairstylists and barbers can drop off their scissors for sharpening
  • Mobile: a bladesmith can go to the hairdressers to pickup and drop off your scissors sharpened
  • By mail: you can send your scissors to a professional where they will have all the equipment to sharpen your tools.

You could be without the shears for an hour up to an hour, or longer if the salon is equipped with more than one pair that needs to be sharpened. 

It is recommended to get the loan shears of the same or superior quality as the one you're employing. The loan shears are often an excellent indicator of how much a bladesmith is concerned about their work.

How to tell if your scissors need sharpening

If you notice any of these warning signs, it's logical to send your scissors away to have them sharpened.

If your primary source of income is cutting hair every day, understanding how to care for the tools you use is an absolute priority.

This is particularly important because hairdressing equipment isn't an item you can purchase from a shop, and it takes a lot of time and effort, and some artists see them as an investment.

The most expensive scissors for hairdressing will wear out over time. Here are five indicators to inform you that your scissors for cutting hair require sharpening.

Here are the four main ways to tell if your hair cutting or thinning scissors need sharpening:

  1. The shears simply don't cut hair the right way. You can feel that they aren't cutting like they used to.
  2. Your scissors are pushing hair away while blunt or straight cutting. Sharp scissors will slice through hair, and will definitely not push hair away.
  3. Slide cutting either pulls or grabs hair as the scissors glide through the hair. Dull and blunt hair scissors won't slice through hair as easily.
  4. It takes a lot more effort to cut through hair. Blunt hair cutting or thinning scissors can cause strain your hand, wrist or shoulder.

America's State By State Guide To The Best Scissor Sharpening Services!

Sharpeners for scissors all across America can bring new life into dull and dull hair cutting thinning shears!

We have listed the popular hairdressing scissor sharpening professionals in the United States. Find your state in the list to locate a professional hairdressing scissor sharpening service near you!

The sharpening service usually offers in-person or post-delivery sharpening of the barber shears for hairdressing.

California Scissor Sharpening Services: In-Person, Pickup And Via Mail

California Scissor Sharpening Services Scissor Sharpening Services
  • Mobile Service
  • Mail-In Service
  • $15-60 Per Pair
  • Hair cutting scissors
  • Hair thinning & texturizing shears
View Service →


Summary: what are the best scissor sharpening services in America?

The top hairdressing scissors sharpeners are competent, well-trained, and equipped to sharpen convex and bevel edge hair blades.

There are a variety of sharpeners, each with its tools, training, and techniques; however, the most significant features of sharpening services are:

  • Sharpening the scissors and returning them the good condition for cutting hair with sharpness
  • It is effective to sharpen Convex blades and Bevel edge blades
  • Lines of ride that are hand-honed
  • Dismantling hairdressing scissors properly
  • Shears that are examined under magnification will accurately diagnose issues with sharpness
  • Ability to clean, lubricate, set the tension, balance, and more.

When selecting a hairdressing scissor sharpening service, choose one for a company with training, experience, and the ability that allows you to safeguard your investment in cutting tools!

If we've not included any popular sharpeners in your town or state, we would love to be aware in the comments!

Jun Oh
Jun Oh

Jun is a professional journalist for barbers and hairdressers. She is a huge fan for high-end hair scissors. His top brands to review include Kamisori, Jaguar Scissors and Joewell. She instructs and educates people about cutting hair, haircuts and barbering across America, Canada and the UK. USA, UK, Australia and Canada.

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