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What are True Left Handed Hairdressing Shears?

A hairdresser who is left handed should be using hairdressing shears that are designed for a hairdresser that is left handed.

The main reason why left handed shears exist is to provide professional lefty hairdressers and barbers in America with an ergonomic haircutting experience.

The left handed scissor handle ergonomics is designed to fit the left hand comfortably and reduce the pressure or strain on your hand, wrist, shoulder and elbow.

Left handed shear handles and the blades are position in such a way that its easy to cut hair from the left arm's angle.

What happens if Left Handed hairdressers use right handed shears?

The hairdresser will have to adjust their hand angles and reach to be able to cut hair.

This can result in hairdresser shoulder and hairdressing elbow pain. The most common risks of left handed hairstylists using right handed scissors are:

  • Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
  • Repetitive Motion Injury (RMI)
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Tendinitis

You should always purchase hairdressing shears that are designed for a hairdresser that is left handed. Cutting hair is not an easy task and it is important to use the correct hairdressing shears for the job.

You don't want to risk your health by using the wrong hairdressing shears!

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What are the Best Left Handed Hairdressing Scissor Brands?

There are many different types of left-handed hairdressing shears on the market.

Each hairdresser is unique and will have different needs when it comes to choosing the best left-handed hairdressing shears for them.

Some of the best left-handed hairdressing shear brands are:

  • Juntetsu Shears:Best Left Handed Scissors Made From Premium Steel
  • Yasaka Hairdressing ShearsHigh-Quality Japanese Steel Shears
  • Jaguar Hairdressing Shears: The Best German Left-Handed Hair Shears
  • Joewell Scissors: Excellent Left-Handed Hair Cutting Shears From Japan
  • Ichiro Scissors: Premium Left-Handed Hairdressing Shear Sets
  • Mina Scissors: Excellent Entry-Level Left Handed Hair Scissors For Professionals, Students & Apprentices 

These hairdressing shear brands are known for their high quality and precision engineering. That is why left-handed hairdressers choose only the most trusted scissor brands as they know each pair of hair shears are perfectly designed for lefties!

Why Buy Left Handed Shears from Japan Scissors USA?

Japan Scissors USA holds a selection of top-quality left-handed hairdressing scissors. 

We offer professional left-handed hair cutting shears that are made from well-known brands such as Joewell Scissors, Yasaka Scissors, Juntetsu Scissors, and Jaguar Hairdressing Scissors!

Each Left Handed hairdressing shear is specifically ergonomically created to keep lefty hairstylists and barbers safe while cutting hair. 

The range we offer includes barber's scissors, female cuts, as well as thinning scissors. The brand names are Jutetsu Yasaka as well as Jaguar Each pair of scissors for ladies are constructed from high-quality materials and a clever design.

Shop Left Handed Scissors at Japan Scissors. We offer the highest-quality Japan as well as German cutting and cutting and Handed Scissors and shears that will fit both apprentices and professionals!

What are the characteristics of a left-handed hairdressing scissor different from a left-handed one? The blade is the same, however, the handle has a switch and is molded. to easily fit the left hand.

Left-handed hair cutting scissors and other thing cutters are offered with the sizes listed below:

  • 6.5" inch
  • 6.0" inch
  • 5.75" inch
  • 5.5" inch
  • 5.25" inch
  • 5.0" Inch

Shop hairdressing shears by size here!

The most sought-after of these left-handed cutting tools are 5.5 inch and 6-inch models.

To get the most value for money and value, discover a large selection of left-handed hairdressing scissors.

The authentic left-handed handle must be on the right side, with the tension adjuster screw facing upwards and not down.

Please feel at ease to contact us for any queries regarding left-handed cutters in the USA.