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A Comprehensive Guide to Professional Hair Cutting Shears

Exclusively engineered for hairstyling, hair cutting shears - often referred to as hairdressing scissors - are the cornerstone for barbers, stylists, cosmetologists, and grooming professionals across the USA and Canada. Here's what you need to know about these indispensable tools:

  • They feature precision-sharpened blades specifically designed for hair cutting and styling.
  • Common handle types, such as offset and classic opposing, enhance ergonomics for comfortable control.
  • These shears are adept at cutting both wet and dry hair.
  • While thinning scissors are usually preferred for texturizing hair, hair cutting shears are versatile and can fulfill this role as well.

From the bustling barbershops of Los Angeles to the chic salons of New York, the right pair of hair cutting scissors is a vital part of your professional toolkit.

Choosing Your Perfect Hair Cutting Shears

For professional hairstylists, only the finest quality shears should make the cut. Quality shears enhance workflow and significantly improve results. At Japan Scissors USA, we offer an array of superior shears in diverse shapes and styles, including popular offset scissors and hair thinning shears.

Our shears are crafted from the finest Japanese and German metals, ranging from high-grade steel to robust 440C stainless steel.

We proudly feature a vast collection from respected scissor makers, such as Juntetsu Shears, Yasaka Scissors, Joewell Shears, and more.

No matter your experience level - seasoned hairdressing veteran, professional barber, or apprentice hairdresser - Japan Scissors USA has the perfect hair scissors for you. Explore our Best Selling USA Collection here.

Premium Hair Cutting Shear Brands

High-quality hair scissors are essential in creating stylish and beautiful hair. They ensure better results and make your job easier. Let's explore some recognized hair cutting shear brands:

Despite popular belief, many leading hairdressing scissor brands manufacture their products in China, using high-quality steel to produce affordably priced professional hairdressing scissors.

Investing in Your Hair Cutting Shears

The cost of hair cutting shears depends on several factors, including brand, style, and quality. For professionals, prices generally range between $200-800 USD ($300-1000 CAD), while for beginners or home use, scissors may cost anywhere between $50-150 USD ($100-250 CAD).

Your Guide to Purchasing New Shears

  • For Professionals: Pay close attention to the blade edge type (convex, bevel, flat, serrated, etc.) and the construction materials. High-quality steel signifies better blades and longevity.
  • For Students and Apprentices: Determine the ergonomic handle style and scissor size that best suits you. If you're a barber, a 7" long barber blade might be ideal for over-the-comb style haircutting techniques. The most common shear size is 6", suitable for most techniques.
  • For Home Use: Choose a reliable brand. Avoid extremely cheap options prone to rust. Brands like Jaguar and Mina are reputed for home-use scissors that offer years of durability.

Your Ideal Destination for Hair Shears

Once you understand scissor sizes and ergonomic handle types, purchasing cutting scissors online becomes straightforward. We swiftly deliver to numerous locations, including:

  • New York (NY - the USA)
  • Seattle (WA - USA)
  • Boston (USA)
  • Chicago (USA)
  • Toronto (Ontario - Canada)
  • Vancouver (British Columbia - Canada)
  • Los Angeles (LA - USA)
  • Houston (Texas - USA)

With our express FedEx delivery, you can receive your hair cutting scissors within just a few days, anywhere in the USA or Canada.