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What are hairdressing scissor accessories?

The best hairdressing scissor accessories are Cases, Pouches, Styling Razors, Texturizing Razors, Shaving Razors, Maintenance Kits, Scissor Maintenance Oil, and more!

Hair shears are important, but a haircutting kit isn't complete without a protective scissor case, a maintenance kit that includes oil, cloths, rubber finger rings/inserts, and more!

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We carry Cases, Pouches hairdressing scissor cases, pouches, and hairdressing shear rolls for hairdressers of all experience levels.

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Leading collection of hairdressing accessories, pouches, holsters, and cases for shears and scissors.

Hairdressers and barbers use these pouches and cases to look after their professional scissors during transport and for storage.

The hairdressing scissor holsters are used to easily access the scissors while cutting their client's hair. 

Every hair stylist understands the importance of a perfect set of sheers. However, in order to shield your scissors from harm and to ensure they are cutting their best you need a few accessories that you must have. 

Here, we've made an inventory of the most crucial hair tools for hutting available!

To guard you and your hair using scissors for cutting, you'll need accessories to safeguard your shears from falling or water damage, as well as to prepare your hair to ensure that cutting is effortless and smooth.

If you buy a top-of-the-line collection of hair-cutting scissors, you'll be looking to do everything you can to ensure their safety. 

The best option is to purchase an individual leather scissor guard to keep the blade from getting broken by colliding with other items or scissors that are in your toolkit. 

After each use, be sure you wash and completely dry your scissors prior to placing them into the single protective leather. This will prevent them from becoming dull.

What are hairdressing scissor cases?

Hairdressing scissor cases are a must-have for hairstylists looking to protect their shears.

They protect your hairdressing scissors from dust, scratches, and damage. The most common cause for broken and damaged hair shears is physical damage and corrosion.

Your hair scissors are protected from water, physical damage, and dropping/fall damage which are the most common causes for your shears breaking.

You can choose from hairdressing scissor cases that come in a variety of colors, plastic and leather types, and unique designs to match your style!

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What Are Hair Combs?

What hairdressing combs do hairdressers use? There are many types of hairdressing combs that hairdressers use for hairstyling, haircutting, and the famous scissor-over-comb technique.

The top ten types of hair combs used by hairdressers are:

  • Wide Tooth Combs
  • Paddle Hair Combs
  • Teasing Hair combs
  • Detangling hair comb
  • Fine Tooth Combs
  • Thin Hair combs
  • Grooming hair comb
  • Sectioning hair comb
  • Bristle Hair Comb
  • Rubber Tooth Combs

Each hairdresser comb has a different purpose and hairdressers can combine hairdressing combs to achieve the desired style.

A hairdresser's comb is a comb that is specifically designed for hairdressers.

It has wide teeth to help detangle hair and teasing combs have long, sharp teeth to help hairdressers create volume in the hair.

The hairdresser's comb also has a tapered edge and rounded teeth to help hairdressers section off parts of the hair into even sections for cutting.

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What are hair shear wallets & rolls?

Wanna keep your hairdressing shears clean, organized, and easy to access? Check out our hairdressing shear wallets & rolls!

What does a hairdressing shear wallet do? Your hairdressing shears are expensive, hairdresser wallet is a type of hairdressing scissor case that can be used to protect your shears while in transit or when storing them safely away.

Hairdressing scissor wallets and rolls are capable of holding and protecting between 6 and 12 shears.

Your scissors are protected from physical damage, corrosion, and wear-and-tear when secured safely in your shear wallet.

We have a variety of hairdressing shear wallets & rolls to choose from that will fit your needs as a hairdresser.

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What Are Hairdressing Scissor Holsters?

A hairdressing scissor holster is a type of hairdresser scissor case that hairdressers wear on their waistband.

It is designed to hold and protect hairdressing shears while in transit or when not in use.

Hairdressing scissors are expensive hairdressing scissor holsters that will protect your hairdressing shears from damage, corrosion, and wear and tear.

They are a hairdressing scissor case that hairdressers wear on their waistband or belt loop.

A hairdressing scissor holster is an ultimate solution to your problems. A scissor holster helps carry scissors, combs, and other hair-cutting tools. It is a small bag with a belt. And, you can put it on your waist.

What Are Scissor Finger Inserts?

Scissor finger inserts are hairdressing scissor accessories that hairdressers use to improve their comfort while cutting hair.

A hairdressing scissor finger insert is a small piece of silicone that hairdressers place on the inside of their hairdressing shears to make hairdressing scissors feel softer and more comfortable.

You can use finger inserts to ensure that your shears don't slip from your hand when wet. They are also used to allow hairstylists with smaller fingers to use larger hairdressing shears.

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What Are Hair Scissor Maintenance Kits?

A hairdressing shear maintenance kit typically includes a protective case, special scissor oil, cowhide cleaning cloth, shear tension adjuster tools, and more!

Hairdressing scissor maintenance kits are hairdresser accessories that hairdressers use to keep their hairdressing sharp and in good condition!

If you don't maintain hairdressing scissors, then they lose their sharpness or break within months, and not years.

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What Are Styling & Texturizing Razors?

Are you looking for a styling razor to texturized and add volume to a haircut? Japan Scissors USA has the best Japanese feathering razors for styling & texturizing!

Styling Razors are hairdressing razors that hairdressers use to style hair.

They have a sharp replaceable blade that helps hairdressers cut rough sections of the hairdo that hairdressing scissors can't do.

What Are Shaving Razors?

Shaving razors are used by barbers and hairdressers to style and shave bears.

They have a sharp replaceable blade that hairdressers use to shave hairdos. Why are shaving razors important for barbers?

The most popular types of shaving razors are:

  • Cut Throat Razors
  • Straight Razors
  • Safety Razors
  • Cartridge Razors

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