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What Is The Joewell Shears Brand From Japan?

There is a hair scissor brand from Japan that is becoming popular in the USA. It is called Joewell. What makes these scissors so popular? Do they have any features that make them stand out from other brands? In this blog post, we will explore the Joewell hair scissor brand and find out what makes it so special. Stay tuned!

The best Japanese scissor brand from Japan is the Joewell model! Find out why so many hairdressers and barbers are turning to for the best hair cutting scissors in the USA.

Why are Joewell Shears So Popular in the USA?

Joewell Hairdressers USA are among the most well-known brand of scissors in Japan. Our tools are designed by hand to the highest standards and feature blades with extreme quality and sharpness.

Hairdressing scissors from Joewell were designed after studying and observing hairstylists across the globe and a thorough analysis of their requirements.

Joewell has created a variety of designs, sizes, and styles to meet the many techniques needed in hairdressing.

We are market leaders in shears, scissors as well as thinning scissors. We have maintained the highest standards that were set by the traditional methods that highly skilled crafters developed.

JOEWELL has been a dominant force for over 100 years. "At Joewell Scissor Co, we are guided by several principles that we strive to improve in the constant pursuit of technological advancement and superior quality.

The company was initially known as Tokosha. The business was founded in 1917 by a young man named Toyosaku in Fukuoka, Japan. Tokosha began making medical cutting tools, creating barber cutting tools in 1921. This was also The Year of the Rooster, and the rooster is still an element of the company's logo to this day.

What Type Of Joewell Shears Are Sold in America?

Each Joewell product is distinguished by professional manufacturing and a flawless design.

In addition, they are made by hand. Choosing the right one won't be straightforward with the long history, image, and various colors, materials, and type series.

If you have any concerns about Joewell products or any other tools we range, please don't hesitate to reach us for help. We'll gladly answer your questions and assist you in picking the right hair-cutting tools to meet your requirements.

A variety of Joewell Shears models feature the adjustable tension system, a screw that can be adjusted, and the option of a removable or fixed finger rest to allow for maximum flexibility and the most comfortable experience.

Joewell has you covered with their Lefty Series if right-handed, standard tools aren't enough.

You will find high-quality haircutting equipment made by Joewell Shears in our selection. You can select from a variety of colors, sizes, and series.

The components used in the manufacture of Joewell hairdressing scissors comprise the finest Japanese stainless steel cobalt-base alloy, high-quality titanium alloy as well as other kinds of stainless alloys, to mention some.

You can choose the color you prefer, from black, silver blue, and rose gold, or go for the classic silver look, with subtle color accents according to the model and your personal preferences.