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 What Are The Different Shear Sizes?

  • The scissors for hairdressing in salons are short, measuring 5 to 6 inches, while the longer ones can reach up to 8 inches. The size of the scissors is determined by the cutting techniques.
  • The smaller scissors are better to work with precision, while longer ones are better for work that requires a lot of power.
  • Accurately cutting in an straight line is the most basic aspect quality of the cut it is the reason that the 5-inch & 5.5-inch size is the standard.
  • The longer length 6.5" and 7.0" scissor sizes are more popular it tends to be admired due to its greater power and distinct hair characteristics.
  • Long scissors make it easier to work with them because the more hair is cut at once and a greater flexibility can be achieved based on the technique used.