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Learn More About Yasaka Seiki Shears From Japan

Yasaka Seiki Co., Ltd, Japan is rated as the best value for money out of all the Japanese Shear manufacturers within Japan.

Their designs include simple colors, basic engravings, and detailed Japanese hand craftsmanship.

Made out of Nara, Japan, Yasaka has one of the most extensive manufacturing facilities in Japan. 

The materials they use are top quality. Hitachi 440C steel and above make these shears one of the highest quality available.

The Yasaka hair cutting scissors use a clam-shaped convex edge blade that is exceptionally sharp and perfect for precision haircutting.

The Yasaka ergonomic design focuses on offset handles and lightweight materials to reduce fatigue for professionals cutting hair.

The different types of Yasaka shears available are:
  • Yasaka Long Blade Barber Shears
  • Yasaka Short Blade Traditional (Opposing) Handle Scissors
  • Yasaka Texturizing Thinning Scissors (thirty and forty teeth)
  • Yasaka Chomping Thinning Scissors (ten to twenty teeth)
Yasaka has been rated the most popular Japanese hairdressing scissor brand internationally due to its high quality and affordable prices.