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Experience Japanese Artistry at its Best with Yasaka Seiki Shears

From the heart of Japan, Yasaka Seiki Co., Ltd. has become a hallmark of exceptional value in the realm of Japanese shear manufacturing. The brand merges simplicity with sophistication, minimalistic etchings, and an unwavering dedication to the intricate craftsmanship that has distinguished Yasaka scissors on the global stage.

Unmatched Quality, Born and Forged in Nara, Japan

Operating from Nara, Japan, Yasaka Seiki boasts one of the country's most expansive manufacturing facilities. The premium materials they employ in their shears, such as superior Hitachi 440C steel, imbue Yasaka Scissors with unbeatable quality and durability.

Master Precision Haircutting with Yasaka's Scissors

Designed with a clam-shaped convex edge blade, Yasaka's hairdressing scissors offer exceptional sharpness, ideal for meticulous haircutting. Their commitment to ergonomic design, integrating offset handles and lightweight materials, minimizes fatigue and ensures maximum comfort for professionals.

Delve into Yasaka's Diverse Line-up of Top-Tier Hairdressing Scissors

Yasaka caters to all your hairdressing needs with a broad selection of shears:

  • Yasaka Long Blade Barber Shears: Crafted for efficiently managing large volumes of hair
  • Yasaka Short Blade Traditional (Opposing) Handle Scissors: A perfect combination of precision and comfort
  • Yasaka Texturizing Thinning Scissors: Designed with thirty to forty teeth for achieving soft, natural finishes
  • Yasaka Chomping Thinning Scissors: Equipped with ten to twenty teeth for adding texture and removing hair bulk effortlessly

Join the Global Affinity for Yasaka

With its commitment to delivering superior products at accessible prices, Yasaka has become the go-to brand for hairdressing scissors worldwide. Discover the Yasaka collection today and elevate your hairdressing expertise with these expertly crafted tools.