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What Are Thinning Scissors?

If you have ever had a hairdresser or barber use scissors that sounded like they were eating your hair in the middle of your hairdressing appointment, they were probably using thinning scissors.

But what are thinning scissors? Thinning shears or hairdresser scissors are scissors designed to thin out the hair by removing excess bulk. They can be used to create soft volume at the hairdresser

How To Choose The Best Thinning Shears?

When choosing the best thinning shears for your needs, there are a few factors you need to take into consideration.

The first factor

What type of hairdressing haircut are you going to be cutting? Thinning shears can come in many different styles, but there is a hairdressing shear for every cut. There are also hairdresser scissors that have both thinning and texturizing teeth on the same blade.

The second factor

When choosing hairdressing scissors are the hairdresser's hand size. While hairdressers have a wide range of hairdressing shears that fit any hand, the best thinning shears are those hairdresser scissors that feel comfortable in your hands. If you do not like how they feel at first, they probably will not get any better with use.

The third factor

When choosing thinning scissors are the brand of hairdresser shears. Not all hairdresser scissors are created equal, and some brands are known for their high-quality thinning shears. The best thinning shear brands are Jaguar Shears, Juntetsu Scissors, Mina Scissors, Yasaka Shears, Joewell Shears, Kamisori Shears, and Ichiro Scissors! 

How Many Teeth Should Thinning Shears Have?

Hair Thinning Shears have anywhere from 20 to 40 teeth on each hairdressing scissor blade. hairdressers can choose the number of teeth hairdressing shears have based on the type of haircut they will be cutting, their hairdressing experience, and how often they need to use thinning scissors.

Once you have a good pair of thinning shears with twenty to forty teeth, it is easy to learn how to use them to thin our thick and coarse hair.

How Does The Number Of Teeth On The Scissor Affect The Thinning Performance?

The number of teeth on the thinning shears affects the thinning performance because it determines how much hair will be removed with each pass hairdresser make with the thinning scissors. hairdressers can thin out their client's hair by choosing hairdressing shears with a higher number of hairdresser scissors teeth.

Texturizing shears have fewer teeth than thinning scissors, as they create more volume than thinning out hair.