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Learn About The Feather Razor Company From Japan

Feather Safety Razor Company. Made in Japan, it is among the most well-known hair razor makers. In 1932, as Seki Safety Razor, The Feather business quickly grew to become Japan's top cutting and surgical blade maker.

In the past 100 years of success, they've been able to become the best manufacturer in:

  • Blades for haircutting that can be discarded
  • Disposable shaving blade
  • Japanese shaving razors
  • Japanese razors for safety
  • Texturizing and styling razors

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Since it was introduced to the United States of America in the late 1980s, Feather has become the most popular brand for hairdressers, barbers, stylists at salons, who employ professional texturizing and shaving tools.

Feather is the largest and most well-known shaving razor maker due to its superior manufacturing standards and ISO9001:2015 certification, which proves the quality of its production.

In the case of cutting and shaving equipment that touches our skin and hair, Feather's tools are safe for use by humans. There is an increasing worry about cheaper blades originating from Pakistan and India, which is why many professional barbers and hairdressers keep buying Feather and its tools, even at a higher cost due to its top quality and secure products.

Feather has produced high-quality hair shaving blades and razors for over 100 years. They've got an exclusive museum that displays the historical background of safety razors and any different hair-cutting tools made in Gifu, Japan.

A majority of Feather hair shaving tools and safety razors are made in central Japan in its Seki, Gifu factory. They make razors, blades, and texturizing instruments and deliver