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What Are Black Colored Hairdressing Scissors?

Second, only to the famous Rose Gold hair shear designs, Black hairdressing scissors are the top-selling hair shear design in the USA.

Each pair has a durable and allergy-neutral black color coating that makes them stand out to hairdressers and your clients!

Hairdressers love the matte black and polished black hairdressing scissors because of the professional look - sleek and elegant black designs.

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What are the different types of black hair shears?

Black hairdressing scissors are hairdresser scissors that have a black color coating on the hairdressing blades, handles, and body. The different types of black scissors are Matte Black, Polished Black, and Satin Black.

The Matte Black hairdressing shears are the most popular colored hair scissors in the United States.

What is a matte black finish? A matte black finish is a hairdressing shear that has a sleek, non-shiny black color coating that creates some of the most elegant hair cutting and thinning shears on the market?

The Polished Black hairdressing scissors have a hairdresser scissor that hairdressers choose because of its sleek, shiny black look. The hairdressing scissors are perfect for hairdressing salons that want to have a polished and professional look.

The Satin Black hairdressing shears are hairdresser scissors that hairdressers choose because of their medium shine and smooth hairdressing blade edge.

Why Are Black Colored Hair Shears So Popular?

Black colored hair shears are popular for various reasons, they are unique and stylish, they don't show scratches or wear-and-tear, and they match a hairstylist or barber's fashion.

Modern color coating technology allows professional scissor brands to manufacture high-quality hair shears in a matte black, or polished black finish, without compromising on the quality of the blades.

Each blade is hand-coated with over 50 layers of black color to ensure the most durable and elegant black shear design.

The blades are honed and sharpened in a unique way to ensure that the black color coating on each shear blends smoothly in with the silver edge of the ultra-sharp blade.

The hairdressing scissors are then inspected and quality-checked to ensure that each shear meets the high standards of the Scissor Brand.

How Did Matte Black Shears Become The Most Popular Color?

The stunning finish offers an eye-catching look that instantly creates professionalism. Matte Black is a head-turner that mixes style and professionalism without compromising on quality.

The matte black hair cutting and thinning shears are elegant and stylish It's easy to see how it quickly became the most popular colored hair scissor in America!

Matte Black has become the New Black - the best-colored scissor design for hair salons as well as barbershops! 

The black, matte hairdressing scissors are among our top picks. Each time we have used them, the cutting hair shears have proved to be a popular choice for hairstylists and barbers!

The other popular professional hair scissor colors are:

The most popular type of hairdressing scissors in the USA has a black color coating. Matte Black and Polished Black type hair scissors are the best-selling shears for professional hairdressers and barbers.

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The best hairdressing scissors with a black color coating include:

  1. Matte Black Hair Scissors (Best Selling)
  2. Polished Black Scissors
  3. Satin Black Scissors

    So if you are looking for a new black pair of hair cutting or thinning scissors, then you have found the right place!

    The main reason why hairdressers and barbers choose black hair scissors is due to their stylish design, and clean-looking style that is suited to professional hair environments including salons, hairdressers, and barbershops.

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