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What makes a pair of hairdressing scissors the best in the USA? Each year a new brand or model of barber shears or hairdressing scissors appears with the bold statement that "we have the best scissors in America!", but how can you really judge which is the top hair scissor brand or model?

The easiest way to discover which model is the best is by understanding the characteristics and types of hair scissors available!

The most common scissor features people look out for are:

So how can I choose the best pair of hair scissors for me? The answer is simply, decide on your budget, then look through the available brands and scissor models to find the best value pair that suits your needs.

The Best Scissors Have High-Quality Steel

Looking for the best pair of hair scissors that holds a sharp blade for longer, and will last more than a few months is important. Professional hairdressers and barbers aim to get the best Japanese or German steel for scissors.

The most popular types of scissors are from Germany and Japan due to their locally produced high-quality steel.

When buying a new pair of hair scissors, look out for these material types:

  • 440C Steel
  • VG10 Steel 
  • Cobalt Steel

All steel used for scissors is stainless, and there are plenty of other hair scissors types out there with new and amazing steel, but fake or cheap steel is the #1 cause for rust and wear-and-tear.

The Best Scissors Have The Sharpest Blades

Most scissors wear down and become blunt within days or weeks if they aren't sharp enough. If you are looking for how to tell if your scissors are sharp enough to cut, take a look here.

The most popular hair scissors for hairdressers and barbers in the USA & Canada include:

  • Convex Edge Blade For Slice Cutting
  • Bevel Edge Blade
  • Serrated Edge Blade
  • Clam-Shaped Blade
  • Flat-Edge Blade

A blade is only as good as the materials it's crafted from, so make sure you choose good steel to hold the sharp blade. Otherwise, it will become blunt after just a few cuts. You can read more about scissor blade edges here

Choosing the best pair of scissors has never been easier, with a 7-day return policy, and a great selection of the top professional hairdressing scissors at affordable prices. 

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