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Japan Scissors Warranty & Exchange Guide

We understand its hard to buy online with just pictures and a description, so we offer a 7-day (after receiving) exchange and return.

  • No questions asked exchange available!
  • Available for 7-days from when the postage tracking arrives (delivered date)
  • You can exchange size, model or refund

Your exchange of hair shears can be stress-free thanks to our easy returns form and customer-friendly process!

For all returns, exchanges and change-of-mind hairdressing shear orders, please submit a request via the below 'Returns Form' button.

Returns Form

Our Friendly Warranty, Returns & Exchange Program

Japan Scissors offers a quick and easy 7-day return policy to give our customers a chance to feel your new pair of scissors.

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There are also manufacturers warranty for the purchase of any scissors bought on our website:

  • Jaguar Germany Scissors has 1 year warranty unless specified otherwise
  • Juntetsu Scissors has a lifetime warranty
  • Yasaka Shears (Seiki) has 1 year warranty
  • Ichiro Scissors has a lifetime warranty
  • Mina Scissors has 2 year warranty

If you notice any manufacturing defects, please contact us at

Please note that all orders are currently shipped from outside of the USA. The current return address is in California.

What are warranty defects?

If something goes wrong with the product that may be related to manufacturing, or you are not completely satisfied, let us know!

We follow the consumer law that defines the allows us to repair or replace goods (or part of them). This allows us to maintain a positive customer experience and to also make sure you can order with confidence!

Warranty Examples

Sarah has received a new pair of Jaguar Scissors yesterday. She goes to try them out, but the screw is loose and can't tighten at all. It just keeps loosely turning over and over again. She is concerned and emails the Japan Scissors team.

She places the scissors back in the original box and packaging and returns this back to the address given. After receiving these, the Japan Scissors team inspects them, confirms the problem and either fixes this immediately or sends out another pair as a replacement. Sarah gets the working pair and starts cutting without any further problems.

If you have issues with the scissors' sharpness, you can return them in the first 7 days for an exchange or replacement. After this period, you can send your scissors to a scissor sharpener to have the blades sharpened to perfection.

Warranty Exclusion

Warranty does not include accidental damage, chemical damage, wear and tear (blunt blades) and damage to blades or tension adjuster due to improper use.

Warranty for scissors bought on our store does not include re-sharpening and damage caused by dropping scissors or misuse as detailed below. Please be aware that damaging your scissor blade edges or the coloring by chipping, dropping, over tightening or having tension too loose or incorrect sharpening, maintenance, cleaning or care of your scissors with chemicals or by not following our care guidelines sharpening is not covered by warranty.


The first step for any returns is to contact us at and inform us of the situation. Returns of faulty scissors under the Warranty are for manufacturer defects.

After providing information of the issues as requested by staff, the faulty scissors are to be returned to the address provided with tracking information sent to Japan Scissors.

Scissors and the content of the original packaging (case, oil, thumb rings etc) need to be included and in good condition, otherwise a restocking fee will be enforced. After receiving these scissors, the issue will be investigated and if found to be a manufacturer's defect, a replacement will be organised.

All returns are to be sent to the original shipping address in California.


At Japan Scissors we understand that it can be hard to choose the correct pair of scissors online, so we offer a simple 7-day return policy where the products and all original packaging in good (re-sellable) condition are to be returned to the address provided by staff.

Please contact for any further questions on how to proceed with the exchange or return of a product.

The acceptance of the return is based on the condition of the product and original packaging, whether or not they are within the 7 day return period (from delivered date) and the ability to return all original contents in re-sell-able condition.

We are happy to answer any questions prior to purchase to make sure you get the best choice. It is up to the discretion of the Japan Scissors staff to accept a return.

We will then assess the scissors and if there are no damages or problems either exchange them for the ones you have selected or issue you a refund. Minus a 10% restocking fee. If all original packaging and contents are not included, a further restocking and replacement fee will be agreed upon by other parties in order to proceed with a return or exchange. It takes approximately 3-5 days for your refund to come through from the transaction from which you paid for the scissors.

All exchanges and returns are to be sent to the original shipping address.

Contact for any further questions.