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Why Hairdressers Need 5.0" Hair Shears

Hairdressing scissors that have five inches of length are commonly used for cutting hair that is medium-length.

They can also be used to trim bangs, as well as other styles that are medium-length.

The tiny dimensions of these scissors are perfect for precision work and also to fit in tight spaces. They are perfect for work with intricate details such as cutting layers or even thinning hair.

  • Shop 5.0 Inch Scissors at Japan Scissors. Lightweight and compact blades that can comfortably fit in your hand.
  • A great size that reduces the stress on your hand when cutting.
  • The five" haircutting scissors frequently employed for women hair professionals.
  • These are short, however, they're also lighter.
  • The majority of hairdressers prefer 5.0" shears as well as 5.5" cutters.
  • Not as popular, but there's still a broad assortment of five" scissors to choose from.

The 5.0" size hairdressing shears are popular for their precision. Each hairstyle created using these shears is more precise cutting lines. They also allow you to get into hard-to-reach areas.

Short 5" inch hairdressing shears are better for haircutting techniques:

  • Precision Cutting
  • Point Cutting
  • Accurate Cutting near your client's body, such as the neck (nape). 
  • Overhand Palm-to-Palm cutting
  • Technical cutting for popular hairstyles

Shorter 5" inch hair shears allow you to accurately shape a hairstyle with precision and are especially popular with the technical parts of Graduated, Bob, and other hairstyles. 

They are also popular for trimming bangs (fringe), and for final fixes at the end of a haircut.