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Why You Need a Pair of 4.5" Hair Shears

Hairdressing scissors with a dimension of four and one-half inches are usually used to cut hair smaller in size.

They are also suitable to trim bangs or other styles of short hair. Their smaller size scissors are ideal for precise work as well as getting into narrow areas.

They are also excellent for intricate work like cutting textured hair, layering, or thinning hair.

  • Small Shop 4.5 Inch Scissors at Japan Scissors USA. Blades are light and short and can be comfortably held within your palms. Smallest size made available to hairstylists!
  • The 4.5" hairdressing scissors are among the rarest due to their low demand.
  • They are commonly carried on airplanes. Most legal flying restrictions for hairdressers' scissors permit 4.5" scissors because of their tiny blades.
  • If you're looking for the best hairdressing scissors to take on planes then you should consider the 4.5" is generally the most suitable size, but make sure to check with the airline before you go.

The 4.5" size hairdressing shears are popular for their precision. Each hairstyle created using these shears is more precise cutting lines. They also allow you to get into hard-to-reach areas.

Short 4.5" inch hairdressing shears are better for haircutting techniques:

  • Precision Cutting
  • Point Cutting
  • Accurate Cutting near your client's body, such as the neck (nape). 
  • Overhand Palm-to-Palm cutting
  • Technical cutting for popular hairstyles

Shorter 4.5" inch hair shears allow you to accurately shape a hairstyle with precision and are especially popular with the technical parts of Graduated, Bob, and other hairstyles. 

They are also popular for trimming bangs (fringe), and for final fixes at the end of a haircut.

What Hair Cutting Techniques Are Shorter 4.5" Shears Good For?

Shorter 4.5" hair cutting shears are great for precision cutting, point cutting, and cuts close to the body.

They are also perfect for overhand technique, palm-to-palm, and technical sections.

With a pair of short scissors in hand, you'll be able to work quickly and efficiently without having to worry about injuring your clients.

What Hairstyles Require Shorter Scissors For Their Technical Sections?

The best hairstyles that require shorter scissors for their technical sections are bob haircuts and graduated hairstyles.

Graduated hairstyles are similar to bobs because they both require a lot of point cutting and precision.

These techniques can be achieved with shorter scissors that are easier to handle.