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The Top 10 Best Home-Use Haircutting Scissors & Kits

by James Adams May 28, 2021 11 min read

The Top 10 Best Home-Use Haircutting Scissors & Kits - Japan Scissors USA

You don’t always have to visit the salon to cut your hair. Instead, there are numerous hairstyles that you can try in the comfort of your home.

You need to have the right tools to try them at home.

Here’s a list of the top 10 haircutting shears, and home-use scissor kits in the USA!

Pick any of these scissors based on your preferences, and you can save some money as you don’t have to visit the salon too frequently.

Each pair is designed to last you for many years and cleanly cuts your hair without causing damage or split-ends!

Whether you are trimming your own hair, or cutting somebody else's, these scissors are perfect for all experience levels!

Let's jump right into the best home-use haircutting scissors!

Quick Summary: What Are The Best Scissors To Cut Hair At Home?

There are many different kinds of hair cutting scissors for home-use, so we spent a long time deciding which pairs are the best for trimming hair at home.

We have chosen these based on affordability, quality, reputable brand and overall customer satisfaction.

Browse our complete collection of scissors for cutting hair at home here!

The Mina Umi hair cutting scissor Umi Hair Scissors
  • Professional Design
  • Stainless Cutting Steel
  • Smooth Cutting (Convex) Motion
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The popular home-use Jaguar Germany Jay2 scissor Jay2 Hair Cutting Scissor
  • All-Rounder blade
  • German Scissor Design
  • Suitable for all haircutting techniques
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Jaguar Pre Style Relax scissor for cutting hair at home Jaguar Relax Hair Scissors
  • Satin finish design
  • Classic blade for easy haircutting
  • Comfortable Relaxing Grip
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The most stylish Ichiro rose gold home use haircutting shear Ichiro Rose Gold Hair Scissor
  • Excellent quality steel!
  • Ultra-sharp haircutting (Convex) blade
  • Stylish rose gold finish
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Mina Matte Black hair cutting shears for home use Matte Black Hair Scissor
  • All-rounder cutting scissor
  • Stylish Matte Black Color Coating
  • Comfortable offset ergonomics
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The Mina Timeless hair cutting Kit for home-use Timeless Haircutting Kit
  • Full Haircutting Kit
  • Stylish Matte Black Color Coating
  • Perfect Beginner Cutting Blades
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The mina sakura hair cutting and thinning set for home-use Sakura Haircutting Set
  • Stylish Sakura Handle Pattern
  • Sharp Haircutting Blades
  • Cutting & Thinning Shears
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The ichiro ergo home-use hairdressing scissor kit Ichiro Ergo Scissor Set
  • Easiest Haircutting Scissors
  • Premium Long-Lasting Design
  • Bonus Extras!
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The Jaguar pre style ergo pink cutting and thinning scissor set for home Jaguar Ergo Pink Shears
  • German Made
  • Easy Haircutting
  • Baby Pastel Pink Color
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The premium Joewell SZ home use haircutting shear Joewell SZ Hair Shear
  • Japanese Steel
  • Lightweight Design
  • Ultra-Sharp Scissor
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You don't need to over spend to get a pair of home-use haircutting scissors from a reputable brand. Buying a pair of home hairdressing scissors that will last you many years will allow you to trim hair at home; saving you time and money.

Buying a pair of reliable hair cutting scissors for home has never been easier! Avoid the cheap and no-name brands, and buy a pair that will look after your hair.

Let's get started by looking in more detail at our favourite top 10 home hair scissors for cutting and trimming your own hair. 

Top 10 Scissors For Cutting Hair At Home

1. Mina Umi Hair Cutting Scissor

The mina umi hairdressing shear for home-use

Mina is another brand that offers the best quality scissors to the market. If you want to buy professional-quality scissors at affordable prices, this is the brand that you should be focusing on.

The Mina Umi scissors are ideal for beginners and home use. You will be able to perform numerous hair trimming and haircutting techniques at home while using these scissors.

Due to the lightweight and comfortable design, you can handle it according to the way you want and end up getting a premium experience.


  • Ideal for beginners, apprentices and entry-level professionals
  • Premium Steel 
  • Comfortable Lightweight Design 
  • #1 Affordable Home Shear

The most popular and top-selling hair cutting scissor for home use, apprentices and hairdressers.


2. Jaguar Jay2 Home Haircutting Shears

The popular home-haircutting Jay 2 shear from Germany Jaguar Solingen

The Jaguar Jay 2 is another excellent pair of scissors offered by a renowned scissor manufacturer based in Germany.

These scissors are ideal for home use, beginner hairstylists, and even experts. Therefore, you can think about calling these a perfect example for a versatile pair of scissors.

The durable design of Jaguar Jay 2 scissors would add more value to your purchase. Therefore, you don’t have to keep any second thoughts in mind when you buy these.


  • Long-lasting and reliable 

  • Versatile design for all haircutting techniques

  • Ideal for the beginners

    Highly recommended for a perfect all-rounder when cutting your hair at home or while studying to become a hairdresser/barber. 


    3. Jaguar German Relax Hair Shear

     The Jaguar pre style relax shears for home-use and professional-use

    The Pre Style Relax scissors are German-made, and you don’t need to keep any second thoughts in mind about the quality offered with them.

    Jaguar is one of the leading scissor manufacturing companies based in Germany. The brand offers numerous scissors that can cater to the needs of people.

    You will be able to get a light and slim design with the Pre Style Relax scissors. Perfect for cutting your own hair, or somebody else's hair at home.


    • It comes with a satin finish
    • Available in different sizes
    • Lightweight ergonomic design

    The Jaguar Pre Style Relax is one of the most popular all-round hair cutting scissors with an ergonomic design.These are popular for beginners and professionals in America!

    4. Ichiro Rose Gold Hair Scissor

    Ichiro Rose Gold haircutting shears

    Looking for a high-quality hair cutting scissors that will make your at-home haircuts easier and more professional?

    Look no further than the Ichiro Rose Gold Haircutting Scissors. These scissor feature a lightweight design, comfortable ergonomic handle, and sharp convex blades – perfect for all of your hair cutting needs.

    Plus, the rose gold finish gives them a touch of luxury and style. Make sure to grab a pair today!


    • High-Quality Shears From a Popular Brand
    • Ideal for beginners 
    • Premium and professional rose gold design
    • Convex edge blade for the sharpest haircuts

    If you are looking for a pair of home hair scissors with a bit of style that will last you many years, than the Ichiro Rose Gold models are highly recommended!


    5. Mina Matte Black Hair Scissor Set The popular Mina Matte black haircutting scissor kit for home-use

    The Mina Matte Black scissors are an excellent example of a versatile pair of scissors available for your purchase.

    If you want to try advanced haircuts that you get from your hairstylists at the salon from the comfort of your home, you may go ahead and purchase these scissors.

    They will be able to deliver much-needed assistance for cutting and trimming hair according to the way you want.

    You will also be able to slice through hair quite quickly when you are using these.


    • Stylish Matte Black Color Coating
    • It offers a blade with a convex edge for easy haircutting motions
    • Versatile design for all haircutting techniques
    • Offset handle for a comfortable firm grip

    If you are looking for a pair of home-use hair scissors for trimming or cutting, and with a little more weight and wider blade, then the Mina Matte Black is the best choice for you.

    6. Timeless Hair Cutting Kit

    The Timeless hair cutting and thinning kit for home-use

    Looking for a hair cutting kit that will last you forever? Look no further than Mina Timeless Hair Cutting Scissors.

    With sharpened convex edge blades and a tension adjuster, these shears make effortless cuts with minimal noise.

    The v-shaped teeth on the thinning scissors give smooth and precise texturing - perfect for creating any style you desire.

    So why wait? Order your Mina Timeless Hair Cutting Kit today!


    • Stylish Matte Black Color Coating
    • Affordable & Great Value!
    • It offers a blade with a convex edge for easy haircutting motions
    • Versatile design for all haircutting techniques
    • Offset handle for a comfortable firm grip

    7. Sakura Hair Cutting & Thinning Set 

    The stylish Mina Sakura hair cutting kit for home-use with a flower design patter

    These hair dressing scissor sets from Mina Sakura are a must-have for any hairstylist.

    The sharpened flat edge blade ensures effortless cuts, while the tension adjuster allows for easy and silent cutting motions.

    Plus, the v-shaped teeth of the thinning scissors are sharpened to allow for a smooth texturizing motion, creating the perfect look every time.


    • Stylish Sakura Flower Pattern
    • Professional Quality At Affordable Prices!
    • Versatile design for all haircutting techniques
    • Offset handle for a comfortable firm grip

    8. Ichiro Ergo Hairdressing Set

    Ichiro micro-serrated hairdressing shears for home-use

    The Ichiro Ergo hair scissor set has a perfect micro-serrated blade that is made for professional hairdressers and barbers.

    With quality cutting steel, the sharp micro-serrated blade allows for effortless haircutting motions.

    The offset handles have perfect ergonomics that allow you to cut hair without strain or pressure on your wrist, elbow, and shoulders.


    • Silver Polish Design
    • Easy-To-Use Hair Cutting & Thinning Blades
    • Comfortable and Lightweight Design
    • Offset handle for a comfortable firm grip

    9. Jaguar Pink Ergo Haircutting Set 

    The Jaguar stylish Pink pre style ergo haircutting kit for home-use and apprentices

    Looking for the perfect hairstyling set? Look no further than the Jaguar Pink Pre Style Ergo Hairdressing Scissor Set.

    With traditional handles and a lightweight design, these scissors are easy to hold and use.

    The classic blade with micro serrations ensures each cut is smooth and effortless, while the stainless chromium steel makes them robust and durable.

    The thinning scissors are perfect for thinning hair out easily and effortlessly – so you can achieve the perfect style every time.


    • Stylish Pastel Pink Color Coating
    • All-Rounder Hair Cutting & Thinning Shears
    • Perfect Size For Cutting Your Own Hair or Somebody Else's at Home
    • Made in Germany


    10. Joewell SZ Semi Hair Scissor

    Joewell home-use hairdressing scissor set

    If you're looking for high-quality hair scissors that will make everyday styling a breeze, look no further than the Joewell SZ Semi Home-Use Hair Scissor.

    Thanks to their convex-shaped blades, these scissors offer extremely sharp cutting edges and are sure to leave you looking your best.

    Plus, with their ergonomic design, they're gentle on your muscles and joints – making them perfect for everyday use.


    • 100% Made in Japan
    • Premium Quality
    • Lightweight Design
    • Easy To Use

    What Are Home-Use Hair Shears?

    The different types of scissors for home hair cutting

    Hair scissors, also known as barber shears, hairdressing scissors, and salon scissors, are designed to cut hair without causing damage to it.

    The hair scissors in this article contain a thin blade edge that is designed to slice through hair while keeping the hair tips (hair ends) unharmed, as opposed to normal house, craft, or culinary scissors.

    By avoiding split ends and other typical hair damage caused by faulty scissors, you can avoid having to visit a salon to get it repaired.

    What Scissors Should I Choose For Cutting Hair?

    Hair scissors for home usage come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with features such as diverse haircutting techniques, overall quality, ergonomics, and more.

    We'll go over the most common home-use scissors and shears briefly based on the comments and support we provide our clients who cut hair at home.

    • A 5.5" or 6" inch cutting scissor with a standard handle and a flat-edge, bevel edge, or convex edge blade is the all-rounder home hair cutting scissors.
    • The barber's home scissor is normally 6.5" or 7" in length, and the longer blade allows you to cut greater sections of hair. This can be beneficial in the home to reach hard-to-reach locations or to trim large parts at once.
    • The ergonomic home scissor is a 6" scissor with an offset handle that allows you to grasp and position the scissor more organically. When cutting your own or someone else's hair at home, ergonomic scissors relieve pressure and aid in maintaining a steady hand.

    There are many more hair scissors to choose from, but these varieties cover the most frequent hair-cutting techniques at home.

    A simple 5.5" or 6" scissor that is suited for virtually everyone can be used for trimming. When cutting hair with a comb at home, use a longer barber scissor (7") to give yourself more length to work with.

    Please let us know if we've forgotten about your favourite sort of hairdressing scissor at home!

    Tips For Buying Haircutting Scissors For Home

    Cutting hair at home with a pair of scissors

    The vast majority of consumers who come to Japan Scissors to purchase home hairdressing scissors have had a terrible experience with less expensive scissors.

    Cheaper scissors, even when clipping little parts of hair, can cause harm to your hair, and can be obtained in local stores or on huge internet platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Wish.

    So, what should you check for when purchasing a set of hair scissors for your home?

    1. What you pay for is what you get: Cheap home or beginner scissors should be avoided. These will usually harm your hair, begin to rust, and eventually break after a few months.
    2. Look for a well-known company or website: Most hair scissors manufacturers or websites with a strong reputation will carry home-use models that cut effectively and last a long time.
    3. Stainless steel comes in a variety of forms: The hardness (HRC) of stainless steel determines its grade, and hair scissors should be between 45 and 60 HRC.
    4. It is usually best to keep things simple: Simple scissor designs and blades are ideal for home use because you spend less money on the handle and more on the overall materials and a good haircutting blade.

    You should sharpen your haircutting scissors every few years if you use them on a regular basis. If you clean and maintain your scissors, they will remain sharp for many years.

    Conclusion: What Hair Shears and Haircutting Kits Are Best For Americans at Home?

    Since there are numerous options available to consider, you might get confused when choosing a pair of scissors. That’s why you should know how to locate the best pair of scissors out of available ones.

    People have chosen to take matters — aka their hair — into their own hands throughout the last two months of us being stranded. If you've been debating whether or not to cut your own hair but want to avoid split ends, the pros say you can do it yourself if you have the correct tools.

    We asked a few experienced hairstylists to offer their finest home haircutting techniques and methods. Naturally, they came up with some brilliant suggestions, one of which was having the appropriate scissors or shears on available. It turns out that any pair of cutters will not suffice. Your tool of choice is more important than you might believe.

    If you're looking for a less expensive solution, some high-quality stainless steel shears from the pharmacy would suffice, as long as they're the proper size. "If you're an at-home rookie searching for equipment to cut your hair, I recommend obtaining a four- or five-inch scissor, as this will give you more control over how much you cut," says Piotr Lafayette, a hairstylist in New Orleans.

    Hairstylist Jamie King discusses what to look for when shopping for shears: "It's crucial to find a set that fits your hand well and glides easily through the hair when cutting." "The material the shears are made of, the length, the handle design, and the thumb design are some of the factors that contribute to this."

    Don't reach for the kitchen scissors once you're ready to leave. Instead, try one of these nine stylist-approved hair shears to make your at-home haircut look more professional.

    Don’t look for the cheapest hair scissors

    You shouldn’t be looking for the cheapest pair as you try to buy scissors to cut your hair at home. Instead, you need to look for a pair of scissors that you can buy at a reasonable price. This will help you to refrain from damaging your hair.

    Find the right blade

    Scissor blades are made from different variants of stainless steel. If you want to get a perfect hair styling experience, you should be looking for blades that offer a hardness between 45 HRC and 60 HRC.

    Go for a reputable brand.

    Hair scissors are available for your purchase under numerous hair scissor brands as well. However, it is always a good idea to stick to a reputed brand and go ahead with what you want.
    Final words

    Now you know what types of scissors are available for you when you want to cut your hair at home. Always go for a pair that can deliver a convenient experience to you without damaging your hair.



    This article was researched and referenced from the best sources:

    James Adams
    James Adams

    James is an experienced hairdressing and barbering enthusiast. He has experience in the Japanese and North American scissor market and strives to bring information on haircutting shears in one place. Writing for Japan Scissors USA, he focuses on Japanese hairdressing scissor brands, models, and the manufacturing process, so you can make the best choice in scissors the first time round.

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