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You'll find quite a few causes why you should be using regular scissors as compared to specially made hair cutting scissors.

It might be the fact that you have developed a beard for the very first time and it requires a trim since it has become somewhat wild. Or, perhaps you are trying to look for an immediate substitute since you have lost your hair/beard scissors.

Whatever might be the reason, I'm going to mention my opinions on making use of beard and hair cutting scissors versus regular scissors.

The beard scissors have been used by me and I definitely recommend them. The reason for this is that they are able to cut through the beard of mine very smoothly without any pulling whatsoever.

We're going to mention the advantages and disadvantages of hair cutting scissors versus regular scissors, and while doing so, we will be answering the most typical queries that you have come across regarding cutting one's beard along with the replacements.

Can regular scissors be used for cutting beards or hair?

Here, I imply that whether it does really matter what type of scissor is being used by you for cutting your hair or your beard.

Well yes, it will not be possible to get the desired results in case you end up cutting your beard using any outdated kitchen scissors.

In case you do not have hair cutting scissors for any particular reason, it is advisable to make use of fabric scissors which are quite sharp plus will help to trim your beard successfully.

However, you might end up with split ends in that case.

Can split ends be caused by dull or regular scissors?

As compared to regular scissors, professional scissors can be considered to be much sharper, and this is essential in terms of cutting hair irrespective of whether it is on the face or on your hair's top.

While a pair of sharp scissors will be able to cut through the hair properly, kitchen or craft scissors will be promoting split ends since they are not sharp and will be pulling your hairs instead of cutting them.

It is not known to me whether you have ever been in the seat of the hairdresser or barber and you experience pain in the scalp while they are doing their job since the scissors have ended up pulling a couple of strands of hair, and it is not a pleasing experience after all. Instead of having a pleasurable experience of trimming your beard and hair, you will be waiting for the subsequent uncomfortable moment.


Can regular scissors be used for cutting split ends?

In case you are already suffering from split ends, can regular scissors be used for cutting them?

Yes, it is possible, in case you had been in a bind and are required to eliminate the split ends; however, your beard or hair will be developing an increasing number of split ends after some time.

In this case, it will be sensible to visit a barber or hairdresser and allow them to fix the split ends. Otherwise, you can make use of your personal hair cutting scissors.

Is it possible to use sewing scissors for cutting hair, are they sharp?

It might be the fact that you are not able to find the mustache scissors of yours plus you don't have enough time for searching for scissors. However, in case you end up finding a pair of sewing scissors, will they get the job done given that they're sharp and small?

The sewing scissors are going to be sharper as compared to the average kitchen scissors; however, they are not appropriate. They will be able to cut hair only if you are in a bind.

It is important to buy a set of top-notch mustache and beard scissors.

Will it be a bad idea to use paper scissors for cutting your beard or hair?

Yes, it will be a bad idea to use paper scissors for cutting your beard or hair given that they are not that sharp similar to the kitchen scissors for providing your hair with a clean cut.

Therefore, you will always be at the risk of pulling your hairs with paper scissors and you can also have split ends.

Although you can use them in case of an urgent situation, it is recommended by me to purchase a set of top-quality beard scissors.

Is it a fact that all hair cutting scissors have been created equally?

It is my wish that they were created equally. I was required to travel the subsequent day a while ago, and my beard scissors were packed up by me in my suitcase.

I had been informed by my wife that these scissors will not be functioning with my mustache and beard given that they had become quite wild.

One particular Christmas I was presented a hair and beard grooming kit by my in-laws which included a pair of cutting scissors.

I had no idea regarding the cost of this particular kit; however, I was quite sure that the price of that kit was approximately half of what was paid by me for the beard scissors of mine.

Consequently, I did not expect much from the scissors, and therefore, my other half ventured out to the town as usual, cutting much more than what was liked by me; however, each cut was not clean, I like the scissors to cut through the beard extremely smoothly.

Nevertheless, this time, I was able to hear every single strand while it was getting cut, a hair was going to be pulled occasionally after getting caught, and it was not an enjoyable experience and this happened as my mustache was trimmed by my wife.

My beard likewise ended up having split ends in the near future and it appeared to be wirier; however, this wildness might have been due to the modification in the environment.

Nevertheless, the split ends had been the fault of the scissors entirely.

You like to go for quality while purchasing hair or beard scissors, and you'd like the top-quality metals holding their edge and creating clean cuts.

Or else, it is going to produce split ends as well as many more beard trims which are teary in nature.

Are regular shears the same as scissors?

No, you cannot consider shears to be scissors.

Although there is no strict rule, shears generally are 6 inches in length and usually have one standard finger hole where you will be able to accommodate several fingers which will allow you to apply enhanced force while cutting.

On the other hand, scissors usually come with finger holes of the identical size and which are sharp enough for cutting through virtually anything that they are designed to.

Can hair growth be prevented by split ends?

The reply to this question is no. You'll come across quite a few causes for having split ends like environmental effects as well as making use of the incorrect pair of scissors for trimming beard.

Although split ends will be affecting the development of your hair, they will not be preventing the growth.

Split ends are going to restrict the length of the hair  that it can grow since they will weaken the hair strand's overall strength.

For what reason do we use hair cutting shears?

It is a fact that you will not come across any type of hair cutting shears at present, and the word shears is used with scissors interchangeably.

In case you come across "haircutting shears", it usually implies hairdressing scissors, barber scissors, mustache scissors, beard scissors, and so on.

That being said, these are used precisely for trimming and styling your hair.

How frequently should my hair be trimmed so that it is able to develop faster?

There is a small secret behind this! The majority of the individuals are not able to comprehend that it is important to cut hair at the proper time in case you'd like them to grow properly.

You might be of the notion that you are cutting your beard at an interval of 2 weeks and it is growing quite fast. Surely it does just like mine; however, in case you'd like to leave the beard to go on developing, it will reach a particular point where it will slow down.

This will be exactly where you'd like to time the cuts so that the development happens quite fast.

Therefore, how frequently is it advisable to trim your beard or hair? Every 12 to 16 weeks or 3 to 4 months for the hair, and every couple of months for the beard according to my own experience.

Sharpen the hair scissors for maintaining their sharpness

It is a fact that your scissors will be losing their sharpness after using them regularly. I have talked with lots of barbers and hairdressers and they usually purchase a fresh set of beard scissors at regular intervals due to the fact that as compared to a new set of scissors an edge which has been sharpened will not cut in the same manner.

It might be because of the fact that the person responsible for making the scissors sharpened has not been able to perform the job correctly. However, as asserted by most of the hairdressers and barbers out there they sent away their scissors. This makes me think that the individual sharpening the scissors is aware of what he is actually doing.

It might be that the individual performing the job has ended up retaining the usual 45-degree angle of the scissors, and the actual issue is the fit where the couple of scissors are going to come together, they will not be wearing the same plus they will not be sharpened in an identical manner.

This might be the reason according to my opinion; however, sharpening your personal scissors will be an extremely expensive way to get things done for household usage. In fact, I have my personal beard scissors for a couple of years and they nevertheless cut in an identical way they did when I first used them.

So how can you differentiate regular scissors and barber scissors?

· The sharpness level of the blades

· The steel quality employed for creating the scissors usually Japanese or German steel

· The quality of the steel likewise affects the length of time the scissors will be able to remain sharp

· The scissor blade's angle is designed for cutting hair and not paper and so forth

Let us hope that we have been able to reply to all your queries and also show the differences between regular scissors like kitchen scissors and beard scissors in the best possible way.
James Adams
James Adams

James is an experienced hairdressing and barbering enthusiast. He has experience in the Japanese and North American scissor market and strives to bring information on haircutting shears in one place. Writing for Japan Scissors USA, he focuses on Japanese hairdressing scissor brands, models, and the manufacturing process, so you can make the best choice in scissors the first time round.

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