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Hairdressing scissors are available in different specific sizes of 4.5", 5", 5.5", 6", 6.5" and 7". These scissors come in different styles, materials, and blades and they are measured in inches. You can work out the size of a scissors by measuring it from the end of the handle to the tip of the blade.

Why the size of the scissors is important is because different hairdressing needs would require different sizes of the scissors. This is also important because the size of the palm and fingers of a hairdresser or the barber would determine what size of the scissors would be more comfortable in their hands.

There are some commonly accepted standards about the size of the scissors to be used in different hairdressing functions. Here are a few of those standards:

Barbers normally use two different sizes of scissors for different barber functions including over the comb cutting and thinning. These sizes are 6.5 inches and 7 inches.

Hairdressers on the other hand use scissors of 5.5 inches and 6 inches. These two sizes take care of 80% of their hairdressing functions.

When it comes to the style of scissors that suits hairdressers and barbers most, it is the one with the offset handle. This does not allow fatigue to build while long duration of cutting and thinning of hair.

It is important for a hairdresser or a barber to know what size of scissors is required for them. This is the first step towards becoming a better hair cutting professional. This is necessary irrespective of whether you are a new or a veteran in hairdressing.

What size is the best for you?

To know what size of scissors is the best, you need to measure your palm and middle finger with a measurement scale or a pair of scissors.

Here is how it is done:

  • Place the ruler on your left hand palm
  • Now measure it with the ruler or a scissor
  • While measuring, place the tip of the scissors at the end of the middle finger
  • Now check out the measurement of your middle finger against the ruler or the blade of the scissors
  • This will give you an idea what size of the scissors is right for you
  • If the ruler says the length of your middle finger is 2 inches, then a pair of 5 inches long scissors may be perfect for you.
  • This size of the scissors means that the length of the blades will be 2 to 3 inches while the overall length of the scissors will be 5 inches.

For women hairdressers

For ladies whose hands are smaller, scissors of 5" and 5.5" should work fine

For men hairdressers

Men with large hands would find scissors of the bigger sizes such as 6" to 6.5" working alright.

Hairdressing scissor handles

Scissor handles are very important for a hairdresser to work for long hours at a stretch. If their design and size offer comfort while cutting, they can be a great asset. But if they don't, they can be just a pain to work with.

The options that are available in terms of styles and designs are as follows: coating, polished, ergonomics and straight, offset, & crane offset handles.

Classic Handles

This is a very common and traditional variety of scissor handles. In this style of handles, the two blades are aligned on the handles. The handle rings line up one on top of the other.

Offset Handles

The handles with offset or semi-offset styles are very common. They have a slight angle and a handle shank. This allows your hands a more relaxed and easy position.

Crane Offset Handles


These types of handles have the most pronounced angles. In this case, the upper blade is straight and the handle shank has a sharp angle downwards. These kinds of scissors are considered to be the most ergonomic and comfortable choices in the hair industry today.

Style of cutting & the scissors

Your choice of scissors will be determined by the style of hairdressing you do at the salon. A pair of good quality scissors is, of course, very important but at the same time it's important to understand every aspect of the blade and the entire instrument work. Your understanding of the scissors and how they cut every time you press the gear is more critical to achieve a perfect cut.

Kind of scissor blades

There can be many types of scissor blades but let's look at two primary types: Scissors for beginners, and scissors for professionals.

For beginners

For students and beginners, serrated hairdressing scissors are just fine. They tend to have a perfect grip on the hair before giving a straight and smooth hair cut. However, these scissors cannot do a good chopping or slicing of hair.

For professionals

A convex-edge blade is good for professional hairdressing and the barber's job. These scissor blades have an outstanding edge that provides a smooth and straight cut, both slicing and chopping. This kind of blade is made with hardened steel. Japanese hairdressing scissors are typically made with this kind of steel.

Knowing your cutting style matters

The style of your cutting or the way you hold the scissors would determine the size and style of the scissors you need for your job.

When you hold the scissors vertically for cutting, you need the offset scissors that have an angle and also keep your hands in a comfortable position.

For cutting bobs and one-length style, you need the scissors that would stay flat at the client's neck level. You need to position your hand and fingers in such a way that the fingers do not interfere with the cutting. For these styles of cutting, the crane full offset scissors are good.

If you need to carry out deep point cutting, your elbow needs to go up slightly vertically. For this kind of job, the classic straight scissors is the best.

For over the comb cutting common at the barber's shop, both straight and offset hairdressing scissors of 6", 6.5" and 7" size would work fine. The longer the size of the scissors, the better over-the-comb style of cutting is possible.

Final thoughts

Knowing what size of hairdressing scissors you need depends on a number of factors. These include the size of your palm and the fingers, your style of cutting, and the kind of cutting expected from you. But more importantly, you need to know the scissors well and how it cuts with every move of your fingers.

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