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Thinning scissors are one of the best and easiest ways to remove excess hair and add texture.

These scissors are specially designed for thinning the hair, they have notches on one side and the other side is completely smooth.

These notches allow the hairdressers to remove less hair as compared to the regular scissors.

The thinning shears can be used in different angles and positions to add the desired texture to the hair in order to provide a well-groomed and stylish look.

While pointing the shear into mid-lengths helps in removing the bulk, snipping at the tips of hair helps in softening and blending.

Basically, you can use any technique depending on the look and texture you want in the hair you're working on.

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What are hair thinning shears used for?

There are basically two main uses of hairdressing thinning shears.

Texturing The Hair

The best use of thinning shears is texturizing the bulky and rough ends.

To do this, you have to take a section of hair at a time and pull it away from the face.

Now, hold the ends between your fingers (as you would do to chop the hair regularly) and take the texturizing shears on the other hand and work horizontally on the tips of the hair.

You can cut the hair a bit inward from the outer side while shaping and texturing as needed.

This process is to be repeated through each section of hair, taking one inch at a time from the outer corner until all the hair is texturized to the desired level.

Thinning The Hair

Another way to use the thinning scissors is to use it on the entire length to thin out the hair.

This way, you can use these shears to style unruly and thick hair by shaping them in a more clean and flattering way.

To do this, divide the hair into sections and secure the sections using clips to manage them easily.

Now, take one section at a time and work through it until the desired bulk is removed. Repeat this process carefully on the remaining sections of hair.

While you're working on each section of hair, you can point out the thinning shears to the tips in the upward direction and cut the hair about mid-length.

The same section can then be chopped while pointing the tip inwards.

By working in this manner: by changing the angles upwards and downwards, the desired volume can be achieved which looks more even and natural.

The Different Types Of Hair Thinning Scissors

There are three common types of thinning shears that can be widely used on almost all types of hair.

One-Sided Shears

One-sided or single-sided shears have notches on one side and a plain surface on the other. These are a very basic type of thinning shears that are used to thin the hair in certain areas after giving the hair cut.

These can be used to make curly hair even curlier and unruly hair smooth and well-groomed. Moreover, these thinning scissors are suitable for thinning young kid's unmanageable and thick hair.

You can use the single-sided thinning shears by sectioning the hair and cut it while working in upward motion: from ends towards the scalp. Don't cut too close to the scale otherwise, you will end up ruining the length.

Dual-Sided Shears

Dual-sided thinning shears have notches on both sides. These scissors are used while giving the haircut for thinning out the sections of hair. Because these have teeth on both blades, the hair gets cut finer.

These types of thinning scissors are best for achieving a softer and blended haircut. You can use them for texturizing the hair as well so that there is no uneven finish.

Double-sided thinning shears are perfect for use on the ends of hair and can be safely used on young children as well.

Wide-Toothed Shears

Wide-toothed thinning shears are specially designed for curly and thick hair.

These shears are used to remove bulk and large chunks of hair using the wider teeth on both the blades. You can use them all over the head but don't use them too close to the scalp.

Wide-toothed shears can also be used to create fringed hairstyles and cutting around the nape of the neck. Also, these shears are used for grooming dogs by removing their thick fur coats.

Basically, thinning shears are great for creating various hairstyles and achieving a smooth look. You can use them along with other tools such as scissors, razors, and clippers.

How To Choose Hairdressing Thinning Shears?

There are certain important factors that should be kept in mind while purchasing different types of thinning scissors.

To help you with it, here is what you should consider while getting your hands on the thinning scissors.

1. The Percentage of Hair To Thin Away

The first thing to consider while purchasing a thinning shear is the percentage of hair it can remove.

When the hair gets trapped between the metal teeth and the cutting blade, the hair gets chopped off. If the hair falls between the teeth, it lefts behind.

This means the less the space between the teeth, the more hair will get chopped.

The chopped hair is known as the cut percentage and a majority of thinning scissors remove about 30-40% of the hair. The higher this percentage is, the more hair will be removed.

2. The Pattern of The Thinning Teeth

The next important factor to note down is the shape or pattern of the teeth. The standard thinning shear has 40 teeth which are evenly spaced and can remove 35% of the hair.

However, the cutting style and results of each shear are different. While the standard thinning shear can remove the hair evenly, the 5-tooth notcher will give a more shattered look.

Therefore, while purchasing a shear, look at the alignment of the metal teeth and select according to your requirements.

    3. The Length of The Thinning Shears

    Thinning shears come in different sizes and lengths. They are available in different sizes ranging between 5.0" - 5.5" shorter ones to 6.0-6.5" longer ones. As a hairstylist/barber you should get yourself a shear that gives you a proper grip and hold.

    Wrap Up

    So, this was all about the thinning scissors, their types, and the factors you need to consider while purchasing them. I hope it helps you to find the best shears that suit your needs.

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