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Top 8 Best Beginner Hairdressing Scissors

by James Adams September 20, 2021 8 min read

Top 8 Best Beginner Hairdressing Scissors - Japan Scissors USA

There are so many hair shears and scissors online. How can we choose the right pair for students, apprentices, and beginners?

This article will show you how to select the best pair of beginner hair scissors.


    There are many pairs available for professionals and beginners, but how can you find the best online value pair of apprentice and student scissors?

    The top 8 beginner hair scissors are what we will be covering.

    Timeless Beginner Scissor Set Timeless Scissors Set
    • Complete Scissor Set
    • Offset Ergonomics
    • Hand Adjustable Tension
    View Product →
    Jaguar Jay 2 Beginner Apprentice Cutting Scissor Jaguar Jay 2 Hair Cutting Scissors
    • German Chrome Steel
    • Best value for money
    • Offset ergonomics to reduce fatigue
    View Product →
    Mina Umi Beginner Scissor Mina Umi Cutting Scissor
    • Stainless Steel
    • Flat Edge Blade
    • Offset Ergonomics
    View Product →
    Mina Matte Black Student and Apprentice Scissor Set Mina Matte Black Set
    • Matte Black Coating
    • Convex Edge Blade
    • Key Adjustable Tension
    • Offset Ergonomics
    View Product →
    Ichiro Ergo Apprentice Set Ichiro Ergo Scissors Set
    • Stainless Steel
    • Serrated Blades
    • Offset Ergonomics
    View Product →
    Mina Barber Scissor Ichiro Barber Shear 
    • Long Barbering Blade
    • Matte Black Coating
    • Offset Ergonomics
    View Product →
    Jaguar Beginner Hair Scissors Jaguar Pre Style Ergo Scissors
    • Chromium Steel
    • Satin Finish
    • Offset Ergonomics
    View Product →
    Best Pink Hair Scissor Jaguar Pink Pre Style Ergo Hair Cutting Scissors
    • Pink Colour Coating
    • German Micro Serration Blade
    • Lightweight ergonomics
    View Product →


    3 Tips to Help You Buy Beginner, Student, and Apprentice Scissors

    The different sizes of hairdressing shears on a table

    It can be overwhelming to look at haircutting and barbering scissors first. We have compiled tips to help students, apprentices and home-hairdressers choose the right beginner hair scissors.

    1. Hair shears - Size

    There are many sizes of hairdressing scissors, but you don't need to get too obsessed with trying to find the right size.

    The majority of sizes can be referred to as preferences.

    These are the most popular sizes for female hairdressers:

    • 5" inch shears
    • 5.5" inch shears
    • 6" inch shears
    These are the most popular sizes for male hairdressers:
    • 6" inch shears
    • 6.5" inch shears
    • 7" inch shears

    These steps will help you choose the best size hair scissors.

    These steps will help you choose the right size hairdressing scissors for you before you start shopping online.

    • Use an old pair of scissors or a ruler to guide you.
    • Place your left hand on your palm.
    • Take the ruler or full-length hair scissors and measure them against your palm.
    • Place the ruler or tip of the knife on the end your middle finger
    • Take the ruler or blade and measure it against your middle finger

    We recommend that apprentices, students, and beginners email us to inquire about the size. It is the most popular size and suits all needs.

    2. Types of hair scissors

    The different types of hairdressing scissors

    Before purchasing hairdressing scissors, beginners should be familiar with the main types.

    Short Blade is the most popular type of hairdressing scissors for students, beginners and apprentices. It measures 5.5" to 6".

    Short Blade Hair Cutting Scissors

    The sizes of the hairdressing scissors are 5" to 6" inches.

    These scissors are perfect for cutting all hair types. These are the most common and nearly all beginner hair scissors come with a 5.5" or 6-inch size.

    Long Blade Hair Cutting Scissors

    The sizes of hairdressing scissors have short blades. They are available in two sizes: 6" and 7.5".

    The 6.5" or 7 inch long blades are the best sizes for beginners to barbering. Learn about the "over the comb" technique, which works best when you have a longer blade.

    Texturising Thinning Scissors

    Thinning scissors and texturising are essential for thick hair. You can thin the hair by using a thinning scissors.

    We recommend that beginners use a texturizing or thinning shear or scissor with 30-40 teeth and a size of 5.5- to 6 inches.

    3. The Hair Scissor Handles

    For beginners, there are many hair scissors handles. We recommend either the offset or traditional for barbers and hairdressers who are just starting out.

    Offset Scissor Handles

    An example of the offset hairdressing shear handle

    An offset handle allows you to hold the shear in a natural way and reduces strain. It is common for apprentice and beginner hairshearers to use an offset handle.

    This has become the most safest and easiest way to cut hair. The classic (below), handle is more common with older techniques and simpler scissor designs.

    Classic Scissor Handles

    The straight classic handle used on hair shears

    The classic, traditional and symetrical hair scissors handles are simple in design.

    These scissors are easy to use and can be picked up quickly and used for cutting. These handles do not have any ergonomic features so you should be cautious if you plan to use them for long periods of time.

    Crane Scissor Handles

    The crane hairdressing scissor handle

    The crane scissors have a stronger offset design and are the most ergonomic. A crane handle is not common for beginners, but it's more popular for professionals who want a pair with high-quality ergonomics.

    Left-Handed Scissor Handles

    You can purchase any lefty pair, whether you are a beginner, student, or apprentice hairdresser. It is not the angles that make the difference. For beginners, it is important to know how to properly hold the left-handed scissors.


    A 6" size is the ideal size for beginners, students, or apprentices looking to buy a pair of scissors. It has a comfortable handle and a shorter blade that allows for simple hair cutting techniques.

    Top 10 Hairdressing Shears For Beginners

    1. Mina Timeless Scissor Set

    The Mina timeless hairdressing scissor set for beginners

    This is the most popular hairdressing set at an affordable price. Mina Timeless is a great starter hair-cutting and thinning set.

    These cutting and thinning scissors can be used to fit both men and women. They are ideal for all types of cutting, and offer comfortable offset ergonomics.

    The set includes a cleaning cloth and maintenance oil, as well as two combs.


    • Full set of scissors
    • Sharp Edge Blade
    • Design that is well-balanced
    • Professional offset ergonomics


    • Limit one color

    2. Jaguar Jay 2 Hair Cutting Scissors

     Jaguar jay2 for beginner hairdresing

    This is the most well-known and best-selling Australian hair cutting scissor. The Jaguar Jay 2 is the perfect all-rounder for professionals, apprentices and home hairdressers.

    Jaguar, Europe's most well-known hair scissors manufacturer, has over 80 years of expertise in the production of professional products.

    They are known for their reliable and high-quality hair cutting scissors, which makes them very popular.

    The Jay 2 scissors are a great choice if you're looking for an entry-level, or reasonably priced pair of hair cutting scissors.


    • The most affordable pair of quality shoes
    • Bevel edge cutting blade
    • Design that is well-balanced


    • Sharpened frequently

    3. Mina Umi Cutting Scissor 

    The Mina umi beginner hairdressing scissor

    The Mina Umi is the most popular pair of Japan Scissors. High-quality stainless steel with a professional sharp blade. Simple design.

    The Umi is a great beginner or apprentice hair-cutting shear. It comes in a variety of sizes and works well for home or professional hairdressers.


    • Different Sizes
    • Stainless Steel
    • Offset Ergonomics


    • Sharpening may be required more frequently if the blade is used daily
    • Only available with blue jewel

    4. Mina Matte Black Scissor Set

    The Mina Matte Black hairdressing scissor

    This is the most popular black hairdressing scissors set, at a very affordable price!

    This Mina Matte Black set of scissors features an offset design and sharp blades that will suit any hair style and cutting technique.

    Because of their reliability and affordability, they are a popular choice for home and beginner hairdressers.


    • Matte Black Design
    • Sharp Convex Edge Blades
    • Offset Ergonomics
    • Amazing Value


    • Only available in the right handed 

    5. Ichiro Ergo Scissor Set

    Ichiro ergo hairdressing scissor set for beginners

    Ideal for apprentices who want to be able to cut their hair professionally at home, at the salon, or in a barbershop.

    Ichiro Ergo models have an offset ergonomic design, sharp edges and a polished finish.

    This is a great entry-level hairdressing set that suits both professionals and beginners.

    This book is suitable for beginners in hairdressing and barbering.


    • Micro-Serrated Blades
    • Lightweight ergonomic design
    • Polished Finish


    • Not suitable to be used for convex edge-style slice cutting 

    6. Mina Barber Shear

    Mina Barber shear is the best beginner hair scissor

    Are you looking for a beginner barber shear? Mina Barber's scissor has a long-blade and is perfect for learning basic barbering techniques like 'over the brush'.

    Mina Barber shears have an offset ergonomic design, flat edge blades, and a tension adjustment to adjust for when it gets loose.


    • Stainless Steel
    • Beginner Barber Shear
    • Offset Ergonomics


    • Available in sizes 7 inches right handed

    7. Jaguar Pre Style Ergo Scissors

     The Jaguar beginner pre style ergo scissors

    Jaguar makes high-quality barber and hairdressing scissors in Germany for Australians. The Ergo series features a razor-sharp edge blade with satin coating and a well-balanced design.

    The Ergo model is very popular with beginners because it's an entry-level professional hairstylist as well as a cost-effective and reliable home and beginner scissor.


    • Bevel Edge Blade
    • Lightweight Design
    • Satin Finish


    • Traditional handle design

    8. Jaguar Pink Pre Style Ergo Hair Cutting Scissors

    Jaguar Pink Ergo Pre Style hair cutting scissors for beginners

    German-made Jaguar hair cutting scissors can be found here. Jaguar is well-known for making high quality barbering and hairdressing scissors at an affordable price.

    Pink Jaguar Pre Style Scissors made in Germany from high-quality steel and classic blades. Traditional handle design.

    Micro serrations are used to ensure quiet and effortless cutting.


    • Made in Germany
    • Allergy-neutral pink coating
    • Professional micro-serrated blade


    • Limitations on traditional, opposing handles


    Professional hairdressing scissors made in Germany, Jaguar scissors. These scissors are unique in design and professional ergonomics. They also have sharp micro serrations on the blades to ensure sharp cuts. The most widely used colour-coated pair of Jaguar scissors in Australia and New Zealand is the pink Jaguar.

    A Beginner's Guide to Sharpening and Maintaining Your Scissors

    It is important for beginners to learn how to maintain scissors.

    If you maintain and clean them properly, a beginner's pair hair cutting shears will last for many years.

    1. After cutting, clean and disinfect.

    To disinfect your scissors and prevent any buildup of oil, grime, or hair sticking between the blades, you can clean them after a few cuts.

    Use a paper towel, cloth or alcohol to wipe the blades.

    2. Oil the blades

    Oiling the blades is a must after you have cleaned your scissors. Oiling the blades will ensure that your cutting motions are smooth.

    3. Adjust the tension of your scissors

    It is important to know how to adjust tension in your scissors for beginners.

    Adjust them to fit your needs.

    What is the difference between professional and beginner scissors?

    The biggest question is: Why are professional hair scissors $1000 so expensive, and the beginner set for hairdressing only $200?

    Basic design, mass production, and simple stainless steel are the main reasons why beginner scissors prices are so low.

    For beginners in hairdressing, students and apprentices only require basic stainless steel. They can maintain a sharp edge, flat, or convex edge for hair cutting.

    You can upgrade to a professional pair of scissors that are much better quality.

    The professional hairdressing scissors are sharper and more precise than the beginner scissors. This makes them ideal for advanced hairdressing techniques.

    A higher quality pair of scissors will last longer. Professionals who cut hair every day need a pair of scissors that lasts for years and stays sharper longer.

    Conclusion: What are the Best Beginner Haircutting Shears?

    Japan Scissors has the best beginner hair scissors. It can be difficult to choose the right beginner hair shears, so it is important to keep things simple.

    They are between 5.5 and 6 inches in length and have an offset handle for a more comfortable grip.

    A pair of barber or hairdressing shears can be purchased for as little as $99 to $249.

    To ensure that your hair shears last at least a few decades, make sure they are sharpened and kept clean.

    Were there any other beginner or favorite hair scissors that we missed? Please let us know what you think in the comments!

    This article was sourced from the best sources

    James Adams
    James Adams

    James is an experienced hairdressing and barbering enthusiast. He has experience in the Japanese and North American scissor market and strives to bring information on haircutting shears in one place. Writing for Japan Scissors USA, he focuses on Japanese hairdressing scissor brands, models, and the manufacturing process, so you can make the best choice in scissors the first time round.

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