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There are many new and old online stores that sell hairdressing scissors and barber shears, but which ones offer a safe shopping experience, provide high quality products and have the best price?

Japan Scissors USA (JP SCISSORS) is an online store, but for the sake of this article, we will exclude ourselves from the list. :) 

After years of working with professional hairdressers, celebrity hairstylists and barbers, we have answers to all the questions around the best hairdressing scissor websites.

What makes a website the best for professional hair scissors?

  • Provide easy returns and exchanges for their customers
  • Safe payment options for Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, etc.
  • High-quality scissor brands like Yasaka, Juntetsu, Joewell, Kamisori, etc.
  • Good quality pictures and detailed descriptions of the scissor products 

Most online hairdressing and barber scissor websites online offers two of these points, so having a store that offers all four is a big win.

The best online websites for hair scissors

A picture tells a thousand words, and once you jump onto these websites, you'll begin to see why so many professionals choose them as their preferred scissor retailer.

1. www.japanscissors.com.au

Japan Scissors is a well-known and reputable online hairdressing scissor store that delivers premium products to an international audience.

Whether you live in Las Angeles, New York, Toronto or Mexico City, Japan Scissors offers free international shipping using FedEx Priority Express Shipping.

Japan Scissors have a wide range of hairdressing scissor brands that has made them sky-rocket in the international hair industry.

2. www.japanscissorshop.com

The Japan Scissor Shop is a new online website that focuses on delivering high-quality scissor brands to their Canadian customers. Shipping express to Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and more, they have built a strong and loyal customer-base that continue to come back for the best hairdressing scissors.

If you are looking for Japanese style hairdressing scissors and barber shears in Canada, be sure to check out the Japan Scissor Shop Canada.

3. www.scissorhub.com.au

Scissor Hub is a source of reviews and professional hairdressing scissor products, like the popular Yasaka Offset shears.

They focus on the best products and scissor brands, and have been rising in the ranks since 2020 as one of the best online scissors for hairdressing and barber shears.

4. www.salonscissors.com.au

Salon Scissors is a new online website that focuses on providing hair scissors to salon and hairstylist professionals.

Their focus is on hairdressing products that are suitable for salon hair professionals, and have started building a great collection of brands and products.

5. www.kamisorishears.com

Kamisori Shears is a popular brand of hairdressing and barbering shears that is available internationally.

If you are looking for some premium scissors that are able to cut hair effortlessly, Kamisori shears produces only the best for hairdressers and barbers.

6. www.barberscissors.com.au

Barber Scissors is an online store that focuses on bringing the best premium barber tools to professionals in the hair industry.

Quality products, reputable brands, and safe online shopping, Barber Scissors Australia brings you the best online service available.

7. www.japanshears.com.au

Japan Shears is a new and upcoming online store that sells professional hairdressing and barber scissors. 

Their focus is on made in Japan and Japanese style hair scissors, and have built up a strong collection of professional scissors.

8. www.hairscissors.com.au

Hair Scissors Australia has the best haircutting and thinning tools for hairdressers and barbers. Find the best hair scissors in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne!

9. www.hairscissors.co.nz 

Hair Scissors New Zealand is the best online shop for haircutting and thinning scissors. Browse the best hair scissors in NZ.

10. www.hairscissorsusa.com 

Hair Scissors USA provides Americans with the best haircutting, thinning and texturising shears. Browse the best hair scissors in the USA. 

11. www.japanscissors.co.nz 

Browse the best Japanese Scissors in New Zealand. JapanScissors NZ brings the best professional hair scissors to hairdressers and barbers in Auckland.

12. www.canadascissors.com

Find the best hairdressing scissors in Canada. Professional Japanese Steel haircutting and thinning scissors for Canadian salons and barbershops. The best hair scissors in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Montreal and Edmonton from CanadaScissors.

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